Before a word is on my tongue
you know it completely, O LORD.
Psalm 139:4




Location: Cebu, Philippines
Dates: April 10 – May 20, 2016
Cost: Php 1,500 non-refundable application fee
School Fees: World A- USD 1,000.00, World B- USD 800.00, World C- USD 600.00 Please click here to find out what category your country falls under.
Language: English
Course Requirements: DTS graduate, a minimum of 4 years of leadership experience, and fluency in the English Language.

LDC Overview

“The disciples had 40 days of preparation for the start of their ministry after Jesus ascended and before the Holy Spirit was poured out at Pentecost. I think that 40 days is a good time for leaders to come away to reflect, receive input and get prepared for the next season of their leadership. So the Leadership Development Course (LDC) was launched – a 40 day (six week) residential course for leaders of at least four to five years experience.”

– Stephen Mayers,LDC co-founder

During the course of the LDC, we will experience and examine seven aspects of leadership:

  1. Self Leadership: leading with integrity
  2. Servant Leadership: leading to develop others
  3. Shared Leadership: leading as a team
  4. Strategic Leadership: planning with the end in mind
  5. Spiritual Leadership: living by the Spirit and leading out of a passion for God
  6. Structural Leadership: structuring and implementing vision
  7. Sensorial Leadership: generating a creative environment for maximum growth


Each week in the LDC is dedicated to a specific theme (or themes), and these goals are presented, processed, exercised, and evaluated through a variety of means including teaching times, peer mentoring groups, small groups, spiritual leadership workshops, one-on-one discussion with a staff member, intercession times, personal ministry times, creative journaling, and worship. Following is a general overview of each of the weekly themes:

Week 1: Understanding Yourself and Others – How to value each individual’s unique personality and giftings
Week 2: The Time Line of a Leader – The steps and processes by which God develops a leader.
Week 3: Developing Mentoring Relationships based on Jesus’ model – The how to and importance of building others up and releasing them into God’s purposes for their lives
Week 4: Inner Healing and Freedom – How to find freedom for ourselves and lead others into it by being honest with God and responding to the Spirit
Week 5: Values and Goals/Team Leadership – How to organize your personal life and utilize team leadership for maximum effectiveness in ministry
Week 6: Different Leadership Styles/Electives – Examining different leadership styles, and the opportunity to break into smaller groups for further discussion on topics of interest to you

The LDC is intended to be a time where we can inspire, encourage, equip, heal, and grow in our calling as leaders. It is not intended to be just a school, but a living experience. It’s not complete without you, and we warmly invite you to join with us for this season of renewal in the arms of the Father, following the example of Jesus, and led by authority of the Spirit.

The LDC is an accredited course with the YWAM University of the Nations and has been conducted in many locations around the world since 1994.

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