Forerunner Internship

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The internship of the Cebu House of Prayer is a five-week program consecrated to go deeper into God. Next to spending several hours a day in the prayer room, you learn about intimacy with God, the urgency to prepare for His second coming as well as the lifestyle of prayer and fasting to pursue God wholeheartedly.

Isaiah 40:3
“Listen! It’s the voice of someone shouting, “Clear the way through the wilderness for the LORD! Make a straight highway through the wasteland for our God!”

Teaching List:

Module I: House of Prayer Basics 1

The Why and What of House of Prayer
Hearing GOD’s voice
Father Heart of GOD

Module II: House of Prayer Basics 2

Effective Prayer
Prophetic Worship
Relevance of Israel
Harp and Bowl Clinic (Theory and Workshop)

Module III: Forerunner Lifestyle

A True Disciple of Christ
Friend of the Bridegroom/Fasting
Prepare the Way of the LORD
Be a Voice/Messenger
Bright and Shining Lamp

Module IV: Bridal Identity

Betrothed to Christ/Hosea
Bridal Intercession
Song of Songs
Bridal Identity

Module V: End Times Basics


Attend an individual teaching!
Module 1 and 2: HOP Basics I and II will be offered as individual sessions for P100 each.

Attend a series!
Module 3 to 5: Forerunner Lifestyle, Bridal Identity and End Times Basics are series that will be offered for P500/series.

Full-time Intern Cost: 
Local – P3000
Internationals – P4500

Full-time Intern Schedule: 12:30-8:30pm

For more details and information on accommodation, please contact DECE ALLAN @ 0932-401-4338


11224764_10153210390186330_5765206248726579175_n“I would like to share to you a couple of my highlights during my Internship last year at Cebu House of Prayer. Before I applied, I already had a desire in my heart to dig deeper into God’s Word and to strengthen my commitment in fasting but I didn’t have enough time or I didn’t see it as that important, or I just didn’t know how. I admit that I could be very casual with my prayers sometimes and it plays to be the last resort when it doesn’t work that way in God’s kingdom. All people can pray but not all can fast. Or worst, people don’t like to pray so how much more with fasting? It is the most neglected part of most believers when it should be the normal lifestyle of being a Christian. I am very thankful that God heard my desire to know Him more and to strengthen my walk with Him. He paved the way for me and I was accepted as a Forerunner Intern at Cebu House of Prayer and I’ve seen my growth drastically. Even my parents and those people surrounding me have noticed it. God changed my life and I’m thankful for the staff who did their best to help us through our new season. We were taught on how to meditate effectively and we have certain scriptures in a day and we journal everything that the Holy Spirit reveals to us. Through that, our skill in hearing God’s voice was developed all the more. Everybody in the prayer room values a fasted lifestyle because even Jesus Himself fasted. He is the greatest example. It was only in the prayer room that I learned the different types of fasting, the do’s and dont’s – and it’s not a diet. And I really respect and follow these people because they’ve done it for so many years, doing it from 1-40 days of fasting. And remember I already have that desire to grow in that area and they have helped me a lot. I enjoy fasting now more than ever! It is something that I really look forward to because it teaches you to be humble and requires your willingness to receive more of the Spirit. God is raising up Mary’s in this season who would just sit at Jesus’ feet listening to Him, Anna’s who would stay in the temple fasting and praying, David’s who are worshiping warriors and John the Baptists who will be the voice of this generation to prepare the way of the Lord. If God is calling you to be like Mary, Anna, David or John the Baptist, I encourage you to pray about our internship this coming September and be a part of us. This is not our ministry or movement, but this is what God is trumpeting to all the churches to partner with Him. We have a lot of scheduled activities in a day during our internship so you will never get bored. You will enjoy it very much, I assure you. Different speakers are also invited and one topic that still re-echoes to my soul is our Bridal Identity. We are not only the sons and daughters of Christ but we are also His bride and He will come to marry us soon. I enjoyed the book of Song of Solomon all the more and understood that it talks about our walk as the Bride of Christ. Again, if you want to be trained and equipped with God’s word all the more. Pray about this and be a part of our community. God bless!
Kate Barimbao, Volunteer Staff, Cebu House of Prayer


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