Tell us if you enjoyed the National Conference!

by Apr 19, 20151 comment

It has been over a week since we ended our national gathering in Baguio. It was an amazing time of coming together as a body to worship our Lord.

We would like to take this opportunity to get some feedback from you. We believe that by hearing from you we would be able to work towards an even better gather in two years time. Not to worry all evaluations will not require your name so you will remain completely anonymous.

We would appreciate if you take time to honestly answer the short survey below.

NOTE: Please only answer the form if you attended the YWAM National Staff conference in Baguio.




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  1. Kathy

    It was a GREAT time! I just wish it could’ve been longer, it doesnt even matter if the place is fancy or not, more time to bond and gather in worship for the Lord as missonaries (or children of missionaries) going through similar experiences is the apple in the pie! 😀


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