YWAM Bukidnon Update- January 2015

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Base Leaders Jorge and Retchie Silada

Ministry Highlights

It was such a blessing to connect with Samaritan’s Purse to bless the kids in our children’s ministry. As a base we do weekly feeding with the children in the neighborhood.  Because of our partnership with Samaritan’s Purse, the kids were able to receive shoeboxes this year.

The Sports DTS from YWAM Cebu joined us for an outreach to the mountains where the western Manobo tribes of Bukidnon live. We were able to minister to their tribe and tell them the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Student Sponsorship Ministry

Three years ago we started sponsoring 19 high school students. Due to various circumstances such as some choosing to work or getting married early, some did not continue with the sponsorship program. Others dropped out because of their struggle just to find food before going to school. It was also difficult for them since it is a 3 hour walk from their house to the Barangay where the high school is located. Despite all these challenges, we are so thankful that the Lord provided new shoes for the remaining students in our sponsorship program (Student Sponsorship Ministry) from the Higaonon Tribe.

Out of the nineteen students only four students remain. Two of them will be graduating next year from high school. The other two are now in their 3rd year of high school. Even though some of them failed to finish high school, our hearts are grateful for the four students that are left. We also trust that even for those who dropped out, the Word of God that has been planted in their hearts will continue to bear fruit. Please help us pray that the Lord will continue to speak to them.

I, Jorge, go up to the mountain once or twice a month to continue to disciple the young people and children in the village. I help them know God more and at the same time encourage them to perform well in school.


By next year this village will have eleven students graduating from elementary school. Some of these students plan to pursue a high school education while others plan to work. We are encouraging all the graduates to proceed to high school assuring them that we are willing to help with the cost of their schooling until they finish. Please help us pray that these young people will be brave enough to step out and finish high school.

We continue to pray for people who are willing to sponsor students from the Higaonon tribe.

Feeding Ministry

We would also like to update you on what we are doing right now in our feeding ministry. We feed about 200 children and young people every week.

Now as the days goes by, as the children are growing physically and spiritually, we started to expose them to church and they love it! Every time after church service the children and young people come to our house and we have a time of sharing and discussion regarding what they learned from the Pastor that day. Every week the children and young people always say that they want to come back because they always learn something more about who God is.

New Ministry:

Youth Fellowship

We started a youth fellowship just a month ago. It was started when one of the young people in the church that we attend approached us and said, “In order for us as young people not to go astray we need someone we can freely share our feelings with. Someone who can pray for us, and somebody that we can fellowship with.” This is what challenged us to start a youth fellowship, where young people can freely come and be prayed for.


Currently we have partnered with the church to disciple the youth. We now have around 20 young people attending our fellowship. Most of them are from the church, while some are from our neighborhood.

The young generation today is unsaved. Though they have heard the word of God, they have not paid attention to it. They can be seen just drifting in the streets, in the bars, and doing wrong things because no one has taken the time to disciple them.


While we were distributing New Testament Bibles to the children and youth in our feeding program, one child, Mikhaila Grace was very excited to receive a Bible. When we visited the village again after one week we were amazed that she had already read until the book of Acts. This nine year old girl delighted in reading and memorizing the verses in the Bible. Her mother got worried that her child would become crazy from reading the Bible all day and would tell Mikhaila Grace to go outside and play. But we encouraged her mother and father that “through reading the bible, their daughter will gain more wisdom, not just ordinary wisdom but heavenly wisdom”.

Jun-jun is one of the boys who join our soccer ministry. He was a boy searching for direction and something that would give him inner peace and joy.


Whenever I would have Bible study with the soccer players, Jun-jun would just play around and distract others. He would not really pay attention to my teaching and this annoyed me very much. But to my surprise, when I invited him to church he became very active and even started reading his Bible. God has indeed turned his world upside down even beyond our imagination or expectations. Before Jun-jun did not know the Gospel of Jesus. He only knew that if you do good you go to heaven.  But now Jun-jun has fully committed his life to the Lord knowing that Jesus is the only way to heaven. He now has a desire to take a DTS next year.


Prayer Points:

  • That the youth we are ministering to will grow in God’s Love.
  • More staff to help us in YWAM Bukidnon. We currently have one other staff.
  • Jun-jun’s desire to take a DTS by next year. He is praying for finances to get to his DTS, DTS fees and DTS location. Please keep him in your prayers.
  • Base finances, we are now struggling so much with our base finances since we have just been renting for 2 years now as a base. The house we are currently renting is for sale and we are praying to purchase it as a permanent property for YWAM Bukidnon. The property costs a total of 7 million pesos. This is too big for us but we believe with God nothing is impossible.


How to Get Involved:

1. Volunteer– You can come as a volunteer staff or a full time staff. We only have one other staff at the moment.

2. Pray– We believe and recognize in the power of prayer. We would appreciate it if you could cover us with your prayers.

3. Give

  • Sponsor a student from the Higaonon tribe
  • Sponsor our feeding ministry
  • Sponsor our ongoing soccer ministry
  • Give towards Jun-jun’s DTS fees
  • Give towards the purchase of the property for YWAM Bukidnon


 Ways to Give:

1. Online – You may give here http://ushare.unionbankph.com/ywam This allows you to specify the base and ministry or staff you would like to give to.

2. Bank Deposit

(BPI) Bank of the Philipine Island
Youth With A Mission
Valencia City Branch, Bukidnon Province, Philipines.
Account Number: 9391-0066-43

Please email us at jorge_silada@yahoo.com or retchbalbutin@yahoo.com to specify which ministry you desire your funds to be used for.


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