YWAM Albay Update- January 2015

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Safely cradled away from the seemingly near Mount Mayon , YWAM Albay started as an outreach location for DTS and other teams from Kona, Hawaii’ back in 1996 and 1997. Uli Scmer of Germany became the first base leader. Samson “Sam” Zenarosa Jr. did a DTS in Davao to become its first Filipino staff followed by Pablo and Maria Cielo “Momsie” Ibasco and Ronald”Ron” Raynes (who were a Volunteer inYWAM Naga) became staff followed by Ruel Requijo, Fernando Bardon Jr IV and Fernando Bardon Jr.III, Martina Fromm,  Cherry Marquez and Emily Luna. Lawrence and Joanne Balisky, Eric de Roxas  Sherry Ibasco,  Wyden Ibasco, Jay-ar Ipas and Crystal Clapp-Magdaong. Currently, Sam, Momsie (on leave), Relvin Jay Taplac, Ron Raynes and Crystal (finishing commitment this month.) are the remaining staff. And the rest are now serving God in their chosen occupation. Before, the base used to rent places to house incoming teams. We were eventually blessed to buy a lot in Barangay Anislag and moved  there January 30, 2000.

We are happy to share the following highlights:

1. NCR Staff Conference in Tagaytay and “adventurous trip” (May 4-7)

As we were all blessed through worship, inputs, food and fellowship in the conference, we also experienced God’s protection as we travelled without headlights past Sariaya, Quezon for hours till we reach Camarines Sur where the vehicle’s battery finally gave way. We were grateful for YWAM Naga for their assistance throughout the journey and hospitality- we followed their van and stayed in Naga Base for a night.

2. Summer Staff Outreach

May 18-23-Bukidnon

Dinner prep with Minlanaw Elementary School teachers 

It was a meaningful and productive summer for the Albay team having spent it with YWAM Bukidnon among the Higaonon sub-tribe in Mt. Tago Range in Sitio Minlanao, Dumalguing, Impasugong. Participating in Minlanao Elementary School Brigada Eskwela (Department of Education’s equivalent of YWAM work program with the pupil’s parents) was indeed fulfilling. We spent time encouraging the teachers regarding their commitment to this remote community. The team also participated in YWAM Bukidnon’s regular feeding program among one of the Western Manobo Sub-group in New Mexico in sitio Nasuli as well as their children ministry in Sitio Pontod. The team was composed of staff Samson Zenarosa Jr., Relvin Jay Taplac and teammates Paul John Ibasco and Janina Jeutter (our guest from Germany who volunteered with us for three months).

Putting up wire fencing during Brigada Eskwela in Minlanaw Elementary School in Impasugong, Bukidnon.

May 29- June 8-Tacloban and Palo, Leyte

YWAM Albay Team after sorting relief items with Ruth Ramirez of VCF Tacloban

Cas and Crystal Magdaong arrived from Albay and joined our team bringing with them additional relief items. We had the opportunity to work with YWAM Tacloban and Victory Christian Fellowship Tacloban in unloading boxes of relief goods, sorting them and eventually distributing them to recipients by the seaside.

Sorting relief items in a Tacloban warehouse

It was fun as we had ministry time with the children in Barangay 48, rare moments of reaching out to homosexuals and hitchhiking thrice.

Bench Taplac, Janina Jeutter, Sam Zenarosa, Cas Magdaong and Crystal Magdaong doing action songs with the kids in Barangay Tacuranga, Palo, Leyte

It was also a privilege to work with Ghulab and Silma Bhatkar in Palo- they lead us in Barangay Tacuranga bunkhouse where we shared stories, songs and games to the children and their parents.

Bench Taplac, Cas Magdaong, Sam Zenarosa in Palo just before visiting the bunkhouse in Barangay Tacuranga.


3. Outreach to Mayon Volcano Evacuees, Singapore medical team and Antipolo DTS

Wyden Ibasco, a former staff and relative of our leader came for vacation and to facilitate a medical outreach  from Singapore. Two locations benefitted from their two-day outreach. We also  had an open air campaign where we showcased Arnis routines and tricks to ease the boredom of Mayon Volcano evacuees one evening in Anislag Elementary School. With the remaining medicine and additional funds raised, we, along with volunteers from two local churches, visited the biggest evacuation center and in Camalig North Central School and by grace, covered Barangays Tumpa, Sua and Quirangay. We gave out vitamins and medicines for the body, soul and spirit with a 15minute Bible study per room. When people of Barangay Sua were allowed to go back home,  Antipolo July DTS team came just in time and heartily served with us for a two week outreach. They helped us greatly especially in following up on the former evacuees, giving more medicines, reviewing salvation and praying for them in the comfort of their own homes.

Former tribal sitio Leader with Amy and Pricess Gabion, Sam, Janina and Benjie Taplac

New Ministries:

1. Arnis ministry aimed primarily to young people, students and out of school youth, informally started July 2013 with the following goals:

  • Life preservation rather than a mere self defense policy
  • Physical fitness
  • Appreciation and promotion of this Filipino cultural heritage
  • Targeted evangelism

To date, seminars and short training programs had been done among the members of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship in Legazpi City, Bible school students in San Fernando, Cebu and some special forces in Davao.

2. Runners ministry  is on an experimental stage as we reach out to other runners by joining races in Legazpi and outside Albay province gearing up to form a local running team (currently three runners with one staff, a friend and assistant arnis instructor reaching to an open minded team mate).

3. Radio Ministry with local FEBC station featuring two of our staff, each co-hosting separate program segments on family matters (Momsie Ibasco) and youth/young professional matters (Samson Zenarosa Jr.)


“Thank you for the warm welcome you extended to our team. Thanks a lot for guiding our team here in Albay. Guys, you are a blessing to me because in almost two weeks I have gotten to know you easily. Thank you very much for always extending time to go with us to different locations…thank you for helping us accomplish our mission here in Albay.

– Denver Gevaña, Naic Cavite- ATC July DTS 2014

“Salamat saindo gabos (thank you to all of you). Thank you for welcoming us!! Thank you for letting us feel at home. Personally, I really felt comfortable with the place and with you guys!! I’m so blessed and grateful to have, to meet and to work with all 0f you. I can see the passion in your heart to work for people and for the kingdom of God. All of you are hard working and diligent. I never felt bored here. I never felt different! Thank you for that. Thank you for all those tricks that you have shown to us..thanks for teaching us.

May the Lord Jesus bless you more! Continue to put your heart in serving Him.. I love you all with the love of God.

-Rizza Abad-Naga City ATC July 2014  DTS”

Prayer Points:

  • We are trying to raise around 250,000 pesos to build half native second floor to eliminate leaks as we have spent a lot water proofing our concrete roof which was once covered by a native roof. We intend to have five rooms, two toilets and multipurpose hall for DTS with Anahaw ( a kind of Palm Leaf) roofing to muffle the noise of raindrops during lectures, cooler feel and energy efficiency.
  • Pray for additional staff. Two moved out last year to re-pioneer a new location in Daet. One just finished commitment and another, finished his season with us. Another staff’s commitment ends this month and is moving to the US with her husband. With God opening new ministries and increasing our borders, we will need additional people to walk and sweat with us towards our calling as a base: to be an instrument in reaching the Bicol region for God and raising people to steadily help us reach beyond our borders. We need staff with administration and accounting skills as well as one who blends well in the area of communications. We are also praying for staff for our second DTS batch to be run by October next year.
  • Safety- rebel groups are active again in our area. Starting April, an army detachment has been sent  to secure the barangay next to us. The rebels have killed two soldiers a kilometer away from our base barely a couple of months from the time of this writing. Its never easy to be caught between troops from either side.
  • Good health


Opportunities for involvement:

  • Visits us! This gives us a chance to mutually encourage and physically be there and pray with and for each other.
  • Tell people about us! The more people know about us and the work we are doing, the more prayer support and partners we can get. So please tell your friends, church or relatives about us.
  • Intercede for us. We need all the prayers we can get to continue to expand God’s kingdom here in Albay. 
  • Get in touch with us! ywamalbay@yahoo.com, gtmpfma@hotmail.com Globe 09276723072 and Smart 09294783504
  • Support us Financially


Ways to Give:

1. Online – You may give here http://ushare.unionbankph.com/ywam This allows you to specify the base and ministry or staff you would like to give to.

2. Bank Deposit

Youth With A Mission Albay Inc
Checking account number: 04258003709
BDO Rotonda Branch, Rizal Street, Legazpi City

For money transfer services like LBC, please address to the following:
Youth With A Mission Albay 477, Anislag, Daraga, 4501, Albay



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