Purchased YWAM property in Tacloban

Ministry Highlights

Benefit Dinner


On August 8 a benefit dinner was held at YWAM ATC for the new operating location in Tacloban, Leyte. Our goal was to raise funds towards paying off the remaining balance of the house in Imelda Village. We hosted several guest artists including Lou Chingching, Rachel Pranoto, Nesta Ip, Jeffery “Part” Cruz and crew, and other local groups. It was attended by over 200 people and our final amount was 119,000 pesos and a single gift of 300,000 given towards the property. We are especially grateful for the people who prepared the food and all the artists and crew who gave of their time and talents towards this endeavor.

Staff Christmas Party 


Over the last year or so we’ve seen staff rise up and move on to other places. Sad to say we haven’t seen many new staff came in for a while. Our work in Tacloban has also taken from us temporarily so that the base with just one, DTS, seemed rather quiet. Then, just before Christmas our outreach teams returned, both the Foundations for Counseling Ministry and the July DTS. They came in a few days before their graduation and the 2014 Christmas party. On the big day the dining room was filled up, where we enjoyed a celebratory feast, listened to testimonies, watched dramas, dances and special numbers. Friends and parents were in attendance enjoying the visual presentations and offerings. The latest school was about to be commissioned and sent out on their field experience. The event captures so well the comings & goings at ATC.

It’s always difficult trimming the program because this is a great opportunity to lift up the name of the Lord and give Him the glory, praise the base staff and thank everyone for everything. Starting at 5 and going on til 9:30pm was a long time but we all had a great time.

Community Christmas Party 

The staff had been putting things together, making plans, gathering the finances, cramming the agenda, planning the food, the presents , the games in the Francisville Homeowners Association basketball court for the annual Christmas children’s ministry party. This is a major relationship celebration, money coming from all over the world to make it happen. Come the day in they came dressed in team colors for easy identification. The October DTS were marshalling, helping, and containing, over 200 children from 3 years old and upwards from 3 different areas. Not much different from Kamias winning the singing competition. They were young, enthusiastic and so full of joy and life. They were surprised & delighted to win. In a couple of hours it was over for another year and we were cleaning up. The children loved being together in the name of Jesus. Was it worth it? Well we’re already making plans for next year.


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